The Retirement Plan X-Ray

To help identify what needs to be done next, BCM has developed an independent fiduciary-based review process– the Retirement Plan X-Ray. This service is much more than a survey; it is the beginning of an ongoing process. First, a set of questions is answered about your plan operations. Then a copy of your investment menu and balances as well as your investment policy statement are submitted for review.

How to create a compliant high quality 401(k) or 403(b)

Plan sponsors are tasked with plan operations that comply with the ever changing regulation and the fear of growing litigation. Creating and managing a top quality plan that also limits liability starts with a specific process.

G. David Biddle, AIF®

With over 20 years of experience as a fiduciary, David Biddle speaks the language of retirement plans and is an expert on what it takes to provide a top quality plan while complying with the many regulations.

“When you embrace plan compliance and focus on quality decisions the plan improvements are great for employees and the legal risks for sponsors are reduced. Luckily, ERISA provides a template path to use.”

The path is outlined in, Fiduciary Wisdom, Managing Retirement Plans to Meet Today’s Challenges.

“It is hard to properly manage a retirement plan. That’s why this book is an important tool for compliance. It’s well written, conversational and easy to read, and uses real-world examples.”

Fred Reish

Esq., Nationally Known ERISA Attorney

The Fiduciary Wisdom Book

David Biddle has taken his expansive knowledge from working with retirees and retirement plan sponsors for over two decades and compiled it into his book, Fiduciary Wisdom. This guide to building a great 401(k) or 403(b) plans focuses on lowering the legal risks involved in company sponsored retirement plans as well as raising employee involvement in their own investments.

The Retirement Plan Compliance Quiz

Gain more of an idea of what needs to be done to be sure your plans have low legal risks and your employees have high satisfaction rates.