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Fiduciary Wisdom

Learn to build quality retirement plans while lowering legal risks.

David Biddle has taken his expansive knowledge from working as a fiduciary with retirees and retirement plan sponsors for over two decades and compiled it into his first book in a series, Fiduciary Wisdom. This guide to building a great 401(k) or 403(b) plans focuses on lowering the legal risks involved in company sponsored retirement plans, improving plan quality and raising employee involvement.

In most cases, retirement plans are not given the attention they need to stay fresh and stay out of trouble. Companies may leave plans unattended for long stretches of time, allowing them to fall out of compliance and loose quality. This can lead to lower plan performance for participants and in the worst case lawsuits. Even smaller companies are starting to be targets for lawsuits.

Creating a great retirement plan, whether it be a 401(k) or 403(b), is an ongoing process. Fiduciaries must constantly be revisiting and revising plans and investment options to insure prudency and compliance. In his book, David provides you with the important questions that need to be asked when managing retirement plans, as well as real-world case studies on what can happen if you don’t take action. Purchase your copy of Fiduciary Wisdom today, and start building higher quality retirement plans for your employees with lower risk for the plan sponsor.

“This is a book every plan fiduciary should read to understand the importance of involving an independent advisor and a specialized team of service providers to stay compliant with ERISA’s quagmire of complexity while creating excellent retirement outcomes.”

Maria T. Hurd, CPA

Director and Shareholder, Retirement Plan Audit Services

The Retirement Plan X-Ray

After completing the Retirement Plan Compliance Quiz, most plan sponsors have many questions. To help identify what needs to be done next, BCM has developed an independent fiduciary-based review process– the Retirement Plan X-Ray. This service is much more than a survey; it is the beginning of an ongoing process. First, a set of questions is answered about your plan operations. Then a copy of your investment menu and balances as well as your investment policy statement are submitted for review.

The Retirement Plan Compliance Quiz

Gain more of an idea of what needs to be done to be sure your plans have low legal risks and your employees have high satisfaction rates.